Humorous Song Lyrics
Here's the latest that was sent in to us by Richard L.:

To the tune of James Brown's "I Feel Good"

I feel dead,
From my feet to my head,
Well I feel...Dead,
And a coffin's my bed.

So dead, so dead,
I feel dead...

I use to smell nice,
Like sugar 'n spice.
But I'm startin' to think,
That I'm startin' to stink,

I'm old...I'm cold,
I'm dead....

Feelin' nuthin' but gloom,
In my temp-controlled room.
Can't jump
or spin,
Since rigor-mortis set in.

No more hot R & B,
Just a cool R.I.P.
Ain't makin' a sound,
Should be under the ground...

Can't bump...can't grind,
I've left all that behind,

All my Soul,
Been released,
I'm deceased...
Huh,Huh, Huh...DEAD!

Tell my dang family,
Come on, ya'll, bury me!


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